Sofie Bruce and Pierre Morier Welcome to Morier Benefits Inc., family-owned and operated independent insurance brokerage proud to provide top quality services – in English and French – for nearly 20 years.

Who are the Clients of Morier Benefits Inc.?

Morier Benefits is run by Pierre Morier and his daughter Sofie. Together, Pierre and Sofie offer insurance services for clients based in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

  • Small businesses (under 10 employees)
  • Medium businesses (11-30 employees)
  • Individuals/sole proprietorships

Being a small business owner himself, Pierre understands what small-to-medium-sized enterprises need in order to take care of their staff while taking care of business.

What Services does Morier Benefits Inc. Offer?

Pierre believes in the old saying “if you are going to do something, do it well.” That is why Morier Benefits offers only a very specialized selection of insurance services, making sure each one is delivered with courtesy, care and consideration.

  • Group insurance benefit plans
  • Individual life insurance
  • Individual critical illness insurance
  • Individual disability insurance

Specializing in a choice few services allows Morier Benefits to know their suppliers extremely well, while making sure each and every client gets the time and attention they deserve.